Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Parental Curse

Years ago I lived with my sister and brother in law in a tiny mining town nestled back in the bosom of the mountains. It was beautiful. My backyard was a river and my front yard was a mountain which grew wild rhubarb!
Although it was colder than should be humanly allowed, it is most definitely a place I wouldn't mind living in for the rest of my life. Absolutely beautiful!

It was a cold morning (as always). My wonderful brother in law had warmed up the car for us to go to work (we worked in the same place, just different departments). I rushed from the warm house into the freezing world. The ice and snow crunching under my feet. I caught myself on the door handle as I slipped. I didn't fall. It was a close call. I climbed into the car watched as my warm breath fogged up the window and together my brother in law and I headed out into the frigid world to earn our daily bread. As we were carefully driving slowly down the icy road my BIL pointed out the window excitedly and exclaimed
"Look! A deer!"

I laughed. This is something that happened nearly every morning. I mentioned this to him. He chuckled as well, and said "Well, when you have kids you just get into the habit of pointing things out like that."

Fast forward to the future. I was at work a few years ago. I worked for a construction supply company. Lots of big burly men. Nearly all of them had foul mouths and my work place was generally peppered with .... interesting conversation. I always chuckled to myself when my boss would get a song stuck in his head. Knowing him, you would think it would be something with a hard edge. But no. He would walk likely past my desk humming "Insie Winsie Spider" or "Pop Goes the Weasel."

And then it happened to me. I have learned the secret. It doesn't matter who is in the car with you. It doesn't matter who hears you, you just have to do it!

When I see a tractor driving down the street I point it out excitedly. Even if my child is not in the car with me. I will sing that song that is stuck in my head, despite the fact all my friends and neighbors think I have been inhaling rubber cement. It is just what happens.

I have received the curse.


* { Shannon } * said...

You're so cute Amy :)

Noodle said...

Sammy loves the ABC song and I find my self thinking abcdefg.... all day long... at least she is learing with her songs... We have to point out stuff to...and I find my self talking while I drive even when I'm alone cause sammy likes to talk on our drives... I guess I have it to but its fun it makes me be a kid again...

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

That's how I felt last summer at Yosemite. A deer came near our campground and everyone went to grab their cameras and I just said that deer were everyday life where we live. (Nick's work campus has deer and there were deer near our old apt complex)

Lee said...

I love that post! And how true it is, but my kids like Queen, so I am always singing Bohemian Rhapsody!

Mare said...

I'm sure your BIL would love to know that you've carried on his legacy! Isn't that what family is for? :)