Thursday, August 20, 2009

Look What You Made Me Do

There are leaders and followers. I am trying to figure out which I am right now.

I like to think I am a leader (I decorated for fall today. I did it before anyone else I know. Before anyone in the neighborhood. I was the first.) in the fact that I do things, and then other people follow. But at the same time, I was going to hold out until September 1 before I pulled out the decor. I mentioned that in an earlier post and due to the encouragement (aka peer pressure) of many of you, I gave in. So does that make me a leader or a follower? Maybe I am a leader who follows... nah, that doesn't make any sense.

But, I have to say just walking in my living room makes me smile. Quite literally. I don't know what it is, but as I was vacuuming the floor, I just had huge smiles. If I could keep this decor up year round I think I would.

I do have to say, I haven't pulled out the big guns yet. I still have a few things up my sleeves. I am going to turn my chair into a ghost, have a witch and cauldron in my window, creepy bats flying all over the walls and mirror, a cascade of leaves in the doorway, and tin can luminaries... and I am going to make all of these things myself! Yay for learning new crafting skills! When they are done, I will put up pictures. Also, in honor of the season that is beginning I have added my spooky playlist! Get in the mood.

I got to go in for a check up today. Evidently my baby is now 2 lbs! Such a big kid! Well, really, I don't know, but it sounds big. My belly sure is getting big, that is for sure. I can't imagine (or remember) getting any bigger than this, but... I do have a bit of time left. It is just starting to feel real now. I mean aside from the kidney punches and dancing on my bladder that she is so fond of.
When they say the camera makes you gain 10 lbs, they are not talking about pregnant people. I think it takes it off, because I am really a lot bigger than these pictures portray... at least I feel a lot bigger.

On another note, Jeffrey got home tonight and immediately began studying. This is what his study session looked like:

This is also why he doesn't get much studying done while Keith is up. The joys of being in school while having a family. I really admire his dedication to both his family and his school work. What a great Daddy he is!
Have a wonderful Friday!

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