How ice cream fixed my cowardice

What a weekend! Saturday was such an emotional day!

I have to say I haven't been very emotional this pregnancy (much to Jeffrey's relief!) but I may have made up for it on Saturday.

Friday I was flipping through the blogs I read, and saw that Stephanie had made a new post. As hers is my favorite blog I rushed over there and found an invitation. In honor of life and all those who had helped her and her family, she was hiking Y mountain the next day at 7:00 and all were invited to attend.

I took the invitation quite personally because I have wanted to meet her for quite some time. I bustled around trying to come up with ways to make it work so I could be there. I thought the hike was at 7:00 in the morning, and realized I would have to leave around 5:00 if I were to make it. That is a little difficult. But I made plans nonetheless and was ready to go.

Friday night didn't quite work out with me. We were up until around 2:00 entertaining friends, and I was resigned to the fact I wouldn't get to go on the hike and meet my hero. But then Saturday morning I read on her blog (yes, a saturday post) that the hike was at 7:00 pm! I could go!

After talking about it for a while with Jeffrey, we came up with a plan to get me down there. While I was hiking as much as I could, he would be visiting our dear friend Shem and then we would meet up, visit a bit more, and then head back home before it was too late.

As the day progressed my excitement mounted. I forced myself to stay busy. I did all of the laundry and focused on getting my house clean. With only two hours to go, the mounting excitement erupted.

I began to get nervous. I found the room where Jeffrey was and sat down near him. He looked up to find me fighting tears. I was a wreck. It took a while of counseling from him before I really understood what my problem was, and why I was crying.

I was very eager to meet her, but was afraid that I wouldn't get a chance to talk with her. She would be surrounded by her family and friends and I didn't think I would have a chance to even get close to her to introduce myself. Also, I don't like large crowds. I wouldn't know anyone there, and I was afraid to be completely alone. I knew that I would get there, see all the people, and then just turn around and go back home.

Jeffrey rubbed my back and let me just cry. When I had calmed down a little he suggested I take a hot shower to relax, and then we would go. Which is what I did. And the hot shower really helped in calming me down and helping me relax!

We got into the car and had a very enjoyable talk as we drove down to Provo. As we got closer to Y mountain, I could feel the excitement building again. Finally, I was going to get to meet Stephanie Nielson!

The woman who is so inspiring, and has helped me be a better wife and mother through her example. My hero! Even through her trials she is still positive and amazing. As we pulled into the parking lot at the foot of the trailhead the excitement erupted again. There were so many people there. There was no where to park. I saw so many familiar faces of people I have never met, but read their words religiously. I saw her family and friends, and then Jeffrey pointed and said "There she is."

Tears were coursing down my face so fast. I was overwhelmed by the concept of meeting this pillar of strength and I was ashamed that I was crying. I saw her children around her and so many people smiling and supporting her. I saw her amazing husband and knew, just knew that I couldn't do it. I was too scared. I had Jeffrey turn the car around (I didn't want anyone to see my tears at such a happy and momentous gathering). I had seen her in person and it was enough. One day I will get to meet her. One day I will be able to sit down and thank her for her example and her love. One day. But Saturday wasn't the day.

We then went to our friend's house picked him up and went out for food.

After we ate as we were driving back to Shem's home the little baby in my tummy loudly stated she wanted some ice cream. Shem told us about a great place called Sub Zero where they use milk and flavorings and mix ins, and then freeze it right in front of you using liquid nitrogen.


They didn't use eggs.

I was happy for the ice cream (we had pumpkin ice cream with bits of cheesecake... we highly recommend it) and Jeffrey was happy to watch the freezing process and to see a periodic table on the wall. A place that combines ice cream and science is just the place for us. Best of both worlds! After much visiting and laughter we took Shem home and we began our voyage home.

To sum up my weekend, it was wonderful. I didn't get to do all the things I wanted to, but the timing just wasn't right. One day I will get to meet her, but in the meantime I got to visit with a wonderful friend and to try some fantastic ice cream. And then there was Sunday, but that is a whole other story.


Kaibee said…
AWWW!! It's so nice to see that you actually admire someone sooo much!!! I mean these days people are just to selfish to agree that the other person is actually good!! I hope one day you meet her and inspire her in the same way! 'Cos you seem pretty nice!!!! Love your blog!!!
Em said…
you're so much more brave than me!!! i wanted to go, but didn't get past my front door:-( i emailed a bunch of my friends (why i keep forgetting you live here i don't know) to see if anyone would go with me. i didn't want to go alone either. everyone was busy or thought it was weird. so, we order thai and i worked on my primary singing time stuff for the rest of the night. i wish we could have gone together! next year???
We used to always go to Subzero when we lived in Orem. I loved it because they had dairy free options! Too bad there isn't anything like that here!
Lee said…
I wouldn't have even gone to the mountain! I hate to not only be in crowds, but am very uncomfortable when it comes to meeting people for the first time! Good for you for getting there and good for you for eating that ice cream!!
Heather said…
I'm sorry you didn't get to meet your hero, but I have to say you got a lot closer than I ever would've!! I would talk about going and make plans... but then I'd chicken out and make some lame excuse! At least it all turned out ok for you!
Noodle said…
these emoitinal out burst are for the birds... I've been lucky and only had a few but sadly Johnny has been working during most of them so he just comes home to a drained version of his wife... I'm glad you could make a great day out of it anyways... It shows you are a glass half full kind of girl...Love you tons!!!
Erin said…
That ice cream place looks delish.

Sounds like a neat (if not slightly difficult) weekend for you.

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