Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A House Divided Against Itself...

War has been declared.

A war in my very own home, against my very own offspring, a messy house, and the chaos which is a result of it all.

See, Keith is very advanced for his age and likes to do things a little ahead of schedule. Right ahead of schedule he has begun his terrible twos.

Church has begun to be a real joy with a squirming swearing screaming child. Meal times have begun to be pretty lonely for me since toys are much more appealing than keeping alive eating.

And so, tactics had to be planned.

After a brief war council with Jeffrey over the phone, we decided the best weapons we have are our love and attention.

Time to attack!

I unplugged the television, made sandwiches, packed up the car, and we left the messes behind. We went to a musem, but saddly, it had closed right when we got there. After stopping by a nearby arcade so Keith could pretend he was drivving we got back into the car and headed to a wet lands walk way. We walked it and enjoyed the river rushing by and the cool air and the birds all around. Eventually Keith got a little tired and wanted to go home and "Squish Daddy!" which is his way of asking to wrestle.

We rushed home, made grilled cheese sandwiches and then settled in for a fun night of FHE. Yes, that is tomato soup and dirt all over his face.

We lovingly walked around the park, chasing ducks and watching as he slid down dirt hills on his tummy. It was a lot of fun, and he got a lot of attention. Perfect!

When we got home we decided that our tactics are working beautifully. Already we have noticed less tantrums and less fussing. Beautiful.

When we got back from the park and got Keith to bed, Jeffrey being the studmuffin he is decided he was going to re-caulk the bathroom. What an awesome man I married! First his war tactics then fixing the bathroom... yup, he is basically the best ever.

What are some of your war tactics? Obviously we need a little help here.

Thanks! Kisses,
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