Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I just made an award.

I don't know how awards get made or started. I don't understand any of the semantics of it, but I figure someone has to start it somewhere, right? So, why can't I?

Besides, this is a really good award that people will want to have. I made it after all, and doesn't everyone want a little piece of me?

Don't answer that.

And now, presenting my blog award!

This is to award all of the non-lurkers, and to thank them for their non-lurking lifestyle. Everyone enjoys comments, and making new friends. So, those of you who are too shy to comment, get out of your comfort zone, and get this award!

I guess the rules are to give this award to people who you appreciate for de-lurking. And then they should pass it on to de-lurkers as well. And if all goes well, we can have all of the lurkers out of the closet so to speak! What a great idea! Oh, and you have to make an acceptance speech when accepting this award. Just because acceptance speeches are fun to write.

On to business, the winners of my De-lurking award are:

Anyone who I have forgotten that comments all the time, and anyone else who wants an award, or wants to write an acceptance speech.

Thanks for all your great comments. I love getting to know you all and making such great friends!

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