Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Day Where I Became Mrs. Rachel Lynde

Sometimes I feel like my life is so boring.

I am not saying that I am ever bored, because I am not. I am saying my life is boring sometimes.

Nothing out of the ordinary ever happens.

I get up, make breakfast, straighten up the house, play with Keith, make dinner, clean up dinner, read to Keith... boring!

But today, TODAY we had a little excitement.

As you all know it is Tuesday which means Garbage Day. This means all the blinds in my house are wide open despite the heat. This means that most of the day is spent on the couch looking outside and waiting for the loud rumbly truck to make it's oh so brief appearance thus making a little boy's day.

Let me set the scene for you.

Open windows, quiet day, a car passing every two minutes or so, the breeze blowing my curtains, the heat not quite suffocating, a little boy quietly sleeping and an exhausted mother getting a few moments to herself. Feet up, bowl of ice cream in front of me, eyes closed enjoying the icy goodness of fried ice cream. A car drives past my house. Then another one. This is all quite normal. I am so used to it, I tune it out. But then, as I am listening to the clock tick and the breeze in the trees my picturesque afternoon is interrupted by a mighty crunching of metal, a scream and shattering glass.

Enter a brief moment of excitement into the boring life of me.

I ran to the window (c'mon, you know you would do the same thing) and became Mrs. Rachel Lynde.

You know who I am talking about. Every neighborhood has one. That neighbor. The nosy one who spends most of her time at the window with her face pressed to the glass, anxious to know all the happenings and going on's of her neighbors. Usually it is my next door neighbor. But not today.

Today, for a brief 10 minutes, it was me.

I got to see a mild car accident right in front of my own house.

Not something that I am exuberant about- honestly, I feel for those people. I really feel bad for the girls who are going to be in trouble for hiking up their parent's insurance. I feel sorry for all the body work that is going to have to be paid for...

but I am glad that since they did have an accident, it was in front of my house, where I could see it, where I could have a little variety to the monotony of this day.

Forgive the pictures taken from the window. I just wanted you to be able to experience with me the feel of being "That neighbor."

* Disclaimer * No one was harmed in the shooting of this photo, or in the car accident.


Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

I saw an accident happen in front of NLJH one day when I stayed late for MESA. It was pretty freaky! And the kid died the next day. They even had a life flight come and land on the school grounds. After that I was terrified of black trucks because I knew that they always contained a crazy drunk driver waiting to kill the unsuspecting victim. The guy who had been driving the black truck walked out completely unscathed. I was mad at the injustice of it all!

Noodle said...

They are statring contruction right by my house so Sammy loves too look out the window and watch the tractors and the "daddys" play in the drit...Our garbage men come too eairly for Sammy to watch the big truck take away are yuckys... But she loves taking the trash out... Thats a chore I hope she contiunes to do...

valentine said...

okay, that is awesome. i love rachel lind!! just make sure you don't become too like her and start to be an old sour gossip! LOL

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Lol @ taking photos too! That's a step past curtain twitching lol!

Tania (via SITS)

Em said...

oh yikes! that IS exciting:-)