What We Need

Sad to say, Keith got what I had. And yet it is hardly noticeable.

Yesterday he had a raging fever, but aside from being a little walking oven I could hardly tell he was sick. He is the most happy resilient boy I have ever encountered.

Didn't complain, didn't cry, just played a little more quietly than usual.

He is exhausted today and a little more clingy than usual, so I am going to have my arms full.

So as not to make this the most boring post ever, I will leave you all with what I need according to Google.

Basically you type your name into google followed by "needs" and see what it thinks you need.

Evidently I (or Amy Winehouse) have severe problems. I need "a LOT evidently," "some help drinking," "rescuing," and "a good dentist."

To be fair, I should probably do my family as well.

Jeffrey needs "love," "to dance," "your help," and "to stay out of it."

Keith needs "your help," "financial aid," and "practice."

I guess we all have a lot to work on :)

What does Google suggest you need?


Mechelle said…
I hope you guys get over your colds soon. Best wishes. It's no fun being couped up and feeling uncomfortable with a fever and what not.
It looks like I need affection, stability and devotion, not charm and empty words. I also got "help", and "a captain with a ferry". Yeah, that was fun.
Em said…
i hate being sick!!!

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