What's For Dinner?

Today is Jeffrey's first day of school.
blurry picture, sorry.

I guess I am just getting excited to be little Mrs. June Cleaver, but I am going to make him a special dinner tonight.

We all need to celebrate the little steps in life, don't we? So to celebrate the first day of school, I am going to bake him a fresh blueberry pie. I am a little nervous since I have never made a berry pie before (they aren't my favorite) but it is his favorite, so he gets to come home to his pie. And a lasagna. He loves lasagna, so he is going to get some, and we will all celebrate his first day of school, and when he is finished eating, he will go down to his computer and start his class. It's an online class.
Isn't he fabulous?!

I am also going to be working on making some crisps and other fun summery desserts. Ah, the joys of a clean house, they make me want to bake. Oh, yes Shannon, my living room stayed clean all day yesterday. The trick is to get it clean, and then leave the house for the remainder of the day... which is what we did. :)

For the recipes I use, check out my cooking blog! It has a new design. Let me know what you think!



Amy said…
Oh gosh, I just have to share one more thing. Jeffrey just emailed me saying that he is getting his school stuff done at work, and is going to pick up some Cafe Rio on his way home, and a movie, and to expect a smokin' hot date night! I guess I will have to save the pie and lasagna for tomorrow, and I will just make a berry crisp tonight. What an awesome man I married!
Noodle said…
How fun.... I think I'm going to make no bake cookies... There Johnnys favs and sound good to baby and mommy... Now if Sammy will just go down for a nap...
* { Shannon } * said…
Cleaning the house... then leaving the house... BRILLIANT!
valentine said…
i am glad you planned a nice night (even if it has to be postponed) you have to reward doing things that are new or that suck.

you are a sweet betty draper (love mad men!)
Mare said…
Congrats on Jeff starting up again. I can't say I envy you there - I'm SO thrilled to be done with that part of our lives. Phew - I'm still trying to recover. But after 11 years of one of us being in school, it was really time to stop. See you soon!

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