The Unveiling....

I was so excited to get busy on the bathroom. But I am not going to unveil that today. Mainly because I had a little chat with Jeffrey. He is against it. All. I didn't even start the bathroom.

Well, I guess I should be fair. He isn't against my remodeling projects, he just wants me to finish the kitchen cupboards first. So, to hurry that process along, I decided I would clean out the closets today.

No, I am not changing the subject, there actually is a lot of really good logic in this. See, as I said recently, I can't find my paint anywhere. My closets were super and I mean super messy. My logic would suggest that perhaps the paint cans were buried somewhere in the mess. So I set about cleaning the closets.

I didn't take any before pictures, but let me paint a word picture for you. When you come in my house immediatly to the right is a coat closet. We moved into this house, stuffed a bunch of stuff in the closet, and hadn't cleaned it out since then. 2.5 years ago. The door wouldn't close tight unless you leaned against it. If you opened it, you were immediatly bombed by either a purse or a broom or a vacuum or a game or a winter accessory. I was very close to putting up a "hard hats must be worn at all times near this closet" sign. This is not an exaggeration. And don't even ask to see the floor, because even Hercules would not have been able to accomplish that feat.

The hall closet (which is really just a cupboard) was also bursting at the seams. These doors didn't close tight without a bit of coaxing (mad shoving, grunting, pushing, red faced, embarresment when the closet doors are still winning the war until that final last shove) either. This closet was the home for all of my picture frames not currently in use, all of our towels (we received about 20 sets for our wedding) all our cleaning supplies (up high so super smart Keith who can get past the baby locks on our other cabinet doors couldn't get into them), the iron, and any other piece of junk lying around the house that needed a home that was out of sight.

So I spent much of the afternoon pulling everything out of both these closets, and am still trying to find a home for much of the stuff. However, I am pleased to announce, the doors now close. Very easily. For both closets.

Okay, I am going to post the pictures and I know that there is nothing cutesy or eye appealing to my closets, but you must know... they are clean and that is what matters! Two things on my list are already done! Two! And I only just put the list up yesterday! So, needless to say, I am pretty darn proud of this. And it really is nice to have my closet back. I now have a home for my vacuum. It has been sitting in the hall for the past year and a half. I stubbed my toe on it every time I walked past it. My toes are thanking me right now.

The Coat Closet

The Hall Closet
Tomorrow I wont be around at all because I get to spend all day finding homes for all the stuff I threw out. And then it is on to the next task... cleaning out the shed to see if possibly the paint is hidden in there. But that could be a week long project or so. I will keep posting updates as my nesting demolishes and rebuilds my home! Wish me luck. Gotta find that paint!


While reading this I was picturing scenes from those little kid shows where the kid is throwing everything in the closet and trying to close it. I must say, the closets look amazing! Great work! I bet your hubby is super happy about it! My hubby is still bugging me to clean out the closet in the baby room. Maybe I'll tackle that today. Oh, and I love the game "Curses"! So much fun!
Familia Morales said…
Ooh! Can you come tackle my closets?
Noodle said…
want to come do my closets??? Mine are much like yours... Strange stuff that I thought needed a home out of sight... But most stuff I never use or used only once before they got shoved in the closet... Way proud of you for acomplishing two things off you list...
Momisodes said…
WOW!!! You did a stellar job. I really need to do the same.... day :)
* { Shannon } * said…
I can't believe you got 20 sets of towels when you got married! I didn't get a single one! Anyways, your closets look amazing. You're nesting early! :)
Em said…
i love an organized closet. too bad i'm always unorganizing after.

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