Self Reflections

I have been sick for the last few days which means I have had ample time for some self reflection and a whole lot of reading and studying. In these studies I have come across some topics that I plan to focus more on. Not necessarily here on my blog, but I think they will really help me become a better person as I focus on each of them.

My first thoughts are on Home Management.

I have been thinking and mulling things over quite a bit and am wondering what happened to the art of homemaking? I think in this fast paced world of instant gratification we have forgotten many of the things of great importance in our lives. There are far too many TV dinners, to much television and time wasters. We spend so much valuable time on the nonessential and neglect the essential thus creating discord and confusion in the home. It may just be the nesting stage of pregnancy talking, but I really want to focus on the old skill of home management. I want to have a clean house always (which is not possible, I know, but I have done a pretty good job of it for the past two weeks, so I know it is possible in a small degree. The house can be clean at least once a day.). I want to have dinner ready when Jeffrey gets home from work, and I want a dinning room table. I am going to have to work on creating space in my tiny house for that last one, but it is important to me, so I will figure it out somehow.

And those thoughts led me to budgeting (the bane of my existence). I am not good at budgeting. Which is really funny, because that is what my father got his degree in. You would think I would have learned something from all those years of living with him, right? Well, I didn't. I always figured it didn't apply to me at that point in time, and am now ruing my flippant attitude. I am going to master this if it kills me! Don't get me wrong, because of my wonderfully frugal husband we do well, but I would like to be able to contribute and manage the household expenses. I am the one spending most of the money, I should at least be responsible about it, right?

I was then reading a blog that talks about creating a family mission statement, and thought that would be a great idea. I read through some of her suggestions and took some of my own, and will be making a family mission statement with Jeffrey so look for it sometime in the near future. While searching through that, I read in the Ensign an article about creating a heavenly home.

I so want to be a refined person. I want to be culturally well rounded, and as I read the article I came to the conclusion that we as a family spend much of our time around the television which is not uplifting nor does it improve or sharpen our minds. Okay, Jeffrey's programing does (Discovery and The History channel, but since we don't have cable anymore, it is basically just movies now) but for the most part, we waste a lot of valuable time. In the article it talked a lot about good music, books, and art. Hmm, I need to improve my mind on Dickens or the Scriptures rather than my Jane Austen movies. I could read the books again, or even try something a bit more substantial like Tolstoy or Dostoevsky. I just need to open my mind up a bit more and feast on the classics. By doing this, my son will learn from my example and learn to enlighten his own mind. Lucky for me one of his favorite things in the world is reading, so it wont be hard to improve on that.

And the hardest part of all. I need to be more active. I always say I want to exercise, but I don't seem to prioritize it well. Or when it is time for me to exercise I just feel too tired and so I don't do it. I really do want to do it, but since it isn't a great priority, I don't do very well. I need to fix that.

Now the hard part will be to find a little balance. Find a way to incorporate all of these things into my life and thus make my life richer and more fulfilled. Any ideas on how to do this? I am saying all of this here because it will help me stick to it and do better than if I didn't write it down and just forgot about. Wish me luck.


* { Shannon } * said…
Such an inspiring post! You really made me think and want to be better. Thank-you :) If anyone can accomplish the goals you've set you can!!!
Sometimes it is hard to write about ones own shortcomings, so kudos for that! I think I learned a lot about those things you mentioned at BYU since my major was Home and Family Living. Of course, I haven't really perfected it either! But Nick and I have to work together to create the kind of home we want to have. Good luck with everything!
Noodle said…
As long as I'm contuinally getting better at being a mother and a wife I feel like I'm heading in the right directon.... I'm by far not the best mom or wife but I'm so much better than I was a year ago... And way way better wife than two+ years ago... Maybe by the time I die I will be the best wife and mom around but until then I just take it one day at a time... Good luck with your endevores... YOu and your family will benifit from all your hard work!
TR Hughes said…
Best of luck with everything!-Such an inspiration you are...dropping by from SITS...great blog!

Take Care,
TR Hughes
Familia Morales said…
One thing at a time...and have fun with it
Em said…
and this is when i realize i'm living way below my potential. i could be doing so much better, thanks!

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