Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Thoughts Friday

I keep thinking today is Saturday! Mainly because today is a holiday (Pioneer Day) and so Jeffrey is home all day. What a great thing it is to have two Saturdays in a row!

To celebrate the holiday my in laws came over and played video games with the hubs. It was nice to visit with them. I am slowly learning more and more of my Darling's ancestry. Evidently he had a great grandmother who was on the first voyage to Antarctica. That is pretty neat. What a rich heritage we both come from. Last year I learned lots of great things about my ancestry as well.

So, in honor of our pioneer ancestors I am just going to go through a few random things jumping around in my head.


For example, did you know you could pop popcorn right on the cob? Me neither, but evidently you can. And it's pretty tasty this way too.

Keith woke up from his nap. Evidently monsters had been sucking on his head while he was sleeping.

He also discovered a way of eating through osmosis. Just get it near the mouth, and that is good enough.

This is my stuffed owl that I finally finished. I am not going to do the onsie, because I lack the patience. It took me forever to get just the owl done and I am pretty much fed up with the sewing machine (though I just remembered I have a pair of pants that I have to make by Tuesday). I guess it is a good thing I am trying out these projects now while my family is so small. Also, it's a good thing babies aren't very judgemental because I messed up a lot. But what can you expect for a first attempt?

Have a wonderful Pioneer Day!

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