Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Blah-blah-blahging

Okay, I am getting motivated!

Today I was making a list in my head and it seems I have a few projects I want taken care of before the baby comes.

I know I have plenty of time, and since it is summer, the weather is nice, what better time to tackle them?

Again, I put my list here as a place to keep track of it, and to have to report so I will actually do it.

I am going to get my cupboards cleaned out, and my kitchen painted.
Clean out my closets.
Get rid of nasty wallpaper in the bathroom
Paint the bathroom.
Clean out the shed.
De-junk my junk drawers.
Put the crown moulding up in my living room.
Paint the living room ceiling.
Do something with my front door.

That is my list. I know that it is pretty lofty and there is a lot to be done, but I think I can do it. I just need to find my primer and paint again. I can't figure out how it is I lost two cans of paint, but they most certainly are no where to be found. I really don't want to have to go out and buy more, but I am getting to the point of not knowing anymore. And with my luck as soon as I bought some more, the original would show up.

On to another topic, I am getting antsy for fall. Well, not actually for fall (though I do love it) but more so for decorating for fall. Last year I put my fall decorations up the last week of August. Jumping the gun a little? Yep, I certainly was. The only season I really have decorations for is fall, and I love them. Last year they were up until the second week of December, simply because I love them so much! They work for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving!

I think my problem is in the fact that my living room colors are very autumn-ish. Three of my walls are a warm golden tan color. It was a total accident when we got it, and i hated it at first, but now I absolutely love it. The fourth wall is a pretty, cool sage color. My curtains, accent pillows and rug are all a mulberry, golden, sage color. Perfect colors for y favorite season! Seeing all these colors just makes me antsy to bring out the decor. But, I will control myself. At least for two more months.

On a completely different subject, I have to say how impressed I am with people of late. In the past two weeks I have seen as many accidents. A guy on a motorcycle made too sharp a turn and his bike toppled on top of him. He was pinned beneath it.
I saw 4 cars pull over and people were flocking to help him. It made me so happy to see that there really are people who care about others out there.
Yesterday I was driving and arrived just after the accident. I am not sure what happened but I saw a minivan up on the curb knocking over a small decorative tree. It looked like not only her bumper but the whole front end of her car was in the road. Hers was the only car involved in the accident. There were 5 cars pulled over to help her, and people running out of stores over to make sure she was alright.
This really restored my trust in human nature. There are so many things heard on the news that are so disparaging, and to see the milk of human kindness in effect just warms the heart.

Thank you, people, for restoring my faith in humanity in general. You are all wonderful!

Greatly longing for the Autumn,
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