Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh Garbage!

Well today is the day.

It always starts out the same.

A deep rumbling sound in the streets followed by a soft sleepy exclamation from the other room


A few minutes later I get up and my footsteps are heard.

"MOMMY! GARBAGE!" is shouted from behind a closed door.

I rub my eyes and open his door.

I am greeted by a little half naked boy jumping up and down in his bed shouting "GARBAGE! GARBAGE! GARBAGE!"

I get him out of his crib and immediately he rushes to the living room couch, climbs up on it, and sets up camp for the remainder of the day.

See, this isn't a day like any other day of the week, this is the day the garbage truck comes by to collect our garbage. But it is a special treat because it comes by twice. Once for the recycling and once for the actual trash. This is the day Keith lives on the couch looking out the front window. Every time a rumbling is heard outside his head is instantly seen gazing out the window, scanning the street for the ever impressive hunk of machinery that eats up all our trash.

Today is the best day in the world for the little boy that loves watching the garbage truck do its thing.

Here's to the simple joys in life,

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