Sunday, July 5, 2009

Keith's Favorite Day

What a day! I love celebrations and it was especially great since it was Keith's first time really getting to celebrate the holiday. I hope your day was as wonderful as ours was!

At the parade

Watching the F-16s do their fly over, and the parachuters jump. Keith loved it so much he decided to reinact it over and over and over and over and...

Sitting on Daddy's shoulders squealing as the Mayor flew over in his cute little plane (it looked like one of the early planes from WWI)

And this is me with my sisters in law. All three of us are pregnant. The one in the middle just had her baby today (good thing we got that picture last night) and the one on the right is due a week and a half before me. It's kind of fun that all the women (aside from Jeffrey's mother, of course) were pregnant at the same time!

Have a wonderful Sabbath! For inspiration, go here


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