Is it mean to force your kid to have fun?

Isn't is so much fun to play in the sun in the middle of summer? We have been having a blast and have the lobster limbs to prove it.

Yesterday we had a photo scavenger hunt. We had a list of ten things or so to find or do and take a picture of, and in the end, we laughed pretty hard at the outcome. Some of the photos were just plain goofy. I am glad we have those photos because they sure made some great memories.

We also went up into the mountains for a campfire dinner. It was a lot of fun sitting around the campfire telling stories, eating the good food and continuing traditions of fun. Mom made her rhubarb pie, which is a must at all family gatherings. If you haven't tried this rhubarb pie, you haven't lived! It is simply amazing!

Today we went to the lake to play... no, not the Salt Lake (that water is gross and smelly) but to a dam on the other side of the mountains. Keith had a hard time with the water at first
but after a few minutes of coaxing, he entered the point of no return.
* * Keith's master sand art* *

Past the point of no return... at least that is what he told me when I tried to take him out due to the little shivering lip. Everyone had so much fun, and the activities just keep getting better! I can't wait to hear all the memories and stories that are inevitable to come tonight.

Keith is pooped and sleeping soundly right now. I am such a mean mom. I made him stay up 2 whole hours past his nap time, and forced him to play in the water. But he is sleeping happily right now, and lucky kid didn't get burned at all. I guess I was a lot better at sun-screening him up then I was about doing the same for myself.
I just want to point out the funky burn I got. I have no idea how it happened, but I have the craziest white spots on my legs and feet, and everywhere else is fire engine red.

Have a great weekend!

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Em said…
ahhhhh!!!!! lobster limbs, hilarious! not so hilarious is the actual red burnt legs! yikes. i had a few bad run ins with the sun as a kid and am now the most sunscreened person out there. as is my child;-) haha, oh well, i HATE sunburns so much that i reapply more than i have to!

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