How many girls at girls camp does it take to light a fire?

I am back!
Girls camp, what a fun time. I absolutely loved it and was sad I wasn't able to be up there for the whole time. We laughed a lot, made lots of friends and I can't wait for next year!
Some highlights of the trip:
  • The smell of the mountains and the trees
  • The sweet sweet sound of a river and crickets
  • The smell of campfire
  • 1.5 hour long game of Killer Uno
  • the food was incredible
  • Getting to know everyone just a little more
  • One of the girls from another ward thought I am 17! Bless her. I still can't figure out if she thought I was just fat, or a naughty 17 year old? How did she account for the oh so visible baby belly? At any rate, she thought I am 17!
Did you know, despite (or maybe because of) our 7 minute fire building class, it took 3 of us to build a fire? I got there first and was quite disappointed to see wee didn't have enough kindling. I began tearing the graham cracker box apart and crumpling up the wrappers from the chocolate bars, but the kindling just wouldn't light. Then Heather came out and had a great idea about building a tepee. We had a little more success (and the whole time I was wishing my brother who can build monster fires in seconds was there) and then Malinda showed up and asked why I hadn't used the lunch bags she had me carry up. Silly me! I felt sheepish. I thought the lunch bags were for an activity, not for kindling. Thanks to her we soon got a flame going, and then we were able to get a good sized fire built. Perfect for roasting and blackening marshmallows, melting chocolate, and making the oh so necessary camp food S'mores.
I think that we should go on campouts more than just once a year, I think it should be a once a month kind of thing, just because it was so much fun!

But it is good to be back and not smelling bad anymore. I really missed my two boys.

I missed how Keith learned a new trick of handing me everything he is finished with and asking me to hold it. It makes me feel like a real mother because I can remember doing that with my mother (and sometimes still do!).

As much as I loved having a day to myself with my sweet friends, the girls in my ward, I have to say I agree with Dorothy "There's no place like home."


So, when I was in young women's I didn't get a huge kick out of girls camp- try as I may. So I wonder what it will be like when I am put in the young women program. (IF that happens) I really like my activity day girls, they listen to everything I say- it is awesome! Anyway, I agree with you- there is no place like home!
Lee said…
Looks like you had a great time, and sometimes we need that break to be a better mom!
Em said…
soooooo enjoyable when someone tells you how old they think you are and it's how old you feel;-)
Momisodes said…
Looks like it was a great time! Those photos are wonderful.

I hear you though. It's nice coming home.
valentine said…
i agree with trish, i never really cared for young womens camp, i went every year, but didn't like it. i also wonder if i'd like it more as a leader.....

that is such a funny story about that girl thinking you were 17, you are so cute, i'm sure she thought you were naughty LOL

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