DIY Bathroom and Awards

I am crazy busy today and so don't have much time to impart the great pearls of wisdom that oh so often spout from my thoughts onto this blog (humor me, okay?). I am going to get started on one of my goals today. I am going to attempt to tear down some (hopefully all) of the truly hideous wallpaper. Any tips?

This is what my bathroom looks like now. As you can see, it needs a lot of work.

I also just decided that I want to paint the cabinet in there.

I am thinking either a bright lipstick red, a soft cool blue, or a country cream color and distressing the edges. The walls are going to be a beautiful sunshine yellow, the ceiling a stark white... any opinions on the cabinets? See, I have never really tackled a project like this before, so all the help I can get is greatly appreciated.

On a completely different note,

I have to thank the wonderful Michelle at Chocolate and Marmalade Tea for an award.

I love getting awards! They make me feel so happy and loved. I think everyone deserves an award. More awards should be given to more and more people. So, after consideration of who to give this award to- I hate picking- I decided to follow Michelle's example and give this much coveted award to all who leave a comment. You all deserve it. You all have fantastic blogs!

Now go get yourself a lemonade and enjoy your day outside under a tree with a good book!

Whew! On another note, I just went into Keith's room because he had been calling me for a few minutes (instead of napping) and I got there just in time to hear him say "climb out." and dive over the edge of his crib. Lucky for my Lightning Fast Super Mom Reflexes I caught him before he hit the floor, but I tell you what, my adrenaline is going crazy right now! It may be time to find this young man a toddler bed instead of a crib.


Wow, sounds like a little superman! And, thanks for the award. I'd like to thank everyone who makes my life possible. As far as the cabinet goes, I guess it depends on the mood you want the room to have. The red would be more of a "look at me", "wake up", or maybe just bright and cheerful. The blue would be pretty calming, the cream color would make it sort of fade into the background probably. I can't really say since I don't see a picture or any samples of paint. But hopefully that little tidbit helps some.
Em said…
uh oh! time to start feeding him more. the pork loin's got at least ten extra pounds keeping him inside his crib;-)
E Terry said…
Hey Amy! You probably don't know me but I'm in your ward and I just had to leave a comment about your little man and the crib! UGH!!! My son tried climbing out of his crib and ended up falling!!! I wasn't as lucky as you in catching him - he ended up fracturing his wrist!!! He was in a cast for a month and by the end of that month, we had him in a twin bed hahaha! I didn't comment to scare you, just to let you know I can relate!!! :)
Emily Terry
mub said…
Gosh, I'm glad he didn't fall on his head! When I was little I figured out how to lower the side before I escaped *L*

Wallpaper is really easy to remove if the person put it up properly... which it seems like most don't. BOO! Anyhow, if you can get your hands on a steamer, that's the easiest way. Otherwise, get a spray bottle and fill it with warm water. Then get your scraper (4-6" probably) and have at it. Once you've got the wallpaper down you need to wash the walls with TSP (which you can get at Lowes or Home Depot). That'll dissolve the glue and prep the wall for paint!

Uh... I can't think of anything else. Oh! If you paint your cabinet, make sure to sand it a bit first so that the paint will stick.

And take pictures for us ;)
Noodle said…
I worry about the day sammy does that she climbs everything else but has yet to climb her crib... But we have her in a day bed for naps and just in her crib at night... I worry about a wondering sammy in the middle of the night.
valentine said…
i think you should do blue. soft blue's are always so nice and relaxing in bathrooms.

congrats on your award!

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