Thursday, July 16, 2009

DIY Bathroom and Awards

I am crazy busy today and so don't have much time to impart the great pearls of wisdom that oh so often spout from my thoughts onto this blog (humor me, okay?). I am going to get started on one of my goals today. I am going to attempt to tear down some (hopefully all) of the truly hideous wallpaper. Any tips?

This is what my bathroom looks like now. As you can see, it needs a lot of work.

I also just decided that I want to paint the cabinet in there.

I am thinking either a bright lipstick red, a soft cool blue, or a country cream color and distressing the edges. The walls are going to be a beautiful sunshine yellow, the ceiling a stark white... any opinions on the cabinets? See, I have never really tackled a project like this before, so all the help I can get is greatly appreciated.

On a completely different note,

I have to thank the wonderful Michelle at Chocolate and Marmalade Tea for an award.

I love getting awards! They make me feel so happy and loved. I think everyone deserves an award. More awards should be given to more and more people. So, after consideration of who to give this award to- I hate picking- I decided to follow Michelle's example and give this much coveted award to all who leave a comment. You all deserve it. You all have fantastic blogs!

Now go get yourself a lemonade and enjoy your day outside under a tree with a good book!

Whew! On another note, I just went into Keith's room because he had been calling me for a few minutes (instead of napping) and I got there just in time to hear him say "climb out." and dive over the edge of his crib. Lucky for my Lightning Fast Super Mom Reflexes I caught him before he hit the floor, but I tell you what, my adrenaline is going crazy right now! It may be time to find this young man a toddler bed instead of a crib.
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