Day 1 of the Reunions

Last night I got to see some of my long lost cousins. Some of them I haven't seen for many many years. One of them didn't recognize me because the last time she saw me I was about 8. It was great fun, and hopefully we can do this every year.

I was also able to finally meet my brother in law. My sister got married while I was serving a mission and then right when I got home he enlisted in the Army and had to go to boot camp. Then he got shipped out for 18 months, and finally after being married to my sister for 3ish years, I got to meet him last night. He is an awesome guy and I am so happy to have him in the family and to call him brother.

I was so busy becoming acquainted and re-acquainted with people I forgot to pull the camera out. Eventually I remembered and gave it to my niece to get lots of pictures. The super smart girl she is took pictures of my son, and that is all. I love pictures of my little one! They make me so happy!

Evidently he has taken up croquette. He loves it. I get a bit nervous when he swings that mallet around, but he just laughs and swings even harder.

And can I just say, Keith has been an absolute angel these past few days? He slept for 3.5 hours yesterday (I eventually woke him up because I was a little nervous... he has never slept that long before) and he hasn't had a screaming crying fit at all in the past few days! What a lucky mother I am!

Off to another day of reunion-ing! (Look, it can be a verb if I want it to, alright?)



Noodle said…
You can almost make any word a verb if you want to... At least I can underdstand them hehehe... Johnnys sister is in town I havn't seen her and her family sense sammy was born... Its so nice to see family!
Megan said…
Looks like tons of fun!

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