Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You Figured Me Out

Okay, you are all too smart for me. I have been holding onto a secret for a long time now, but two of my wonderful friends are so smart, and have figured things out. I can't keep it a secret any longer. I was going to tell you all, I promise. I was going to blurt it out to the world in three weeks, but... you figured it out.

A prize must go out to Emily and Shannon for being super perceptive and intuitive. Please email me with your information so I can get you a prize you super smart ladies!

In response to Smell This Emily said: wait, you're smelling sense is hightened and your stomach is not happy, sounds like a case of BUN IN THE OVEN. hey, you said it, not me;-)

In response to The Empty Mouth Shannon said: That is an adorable picture. So... any chance you could be pregnant? that's how I found out I was pregnant with my second. I was super tired all the time, and after 2 weeks on not being able to get out of bed I went into the doctor to see if I was anemic or had mono. Turns out I was 2 months pregnant...and had been on birth control too.
Something to maybe look into! :)

I admit, I lied to Emily. I told her I wasn't posting her comment because our mothers keep asking when we are going to have another and we didn't want to get their hopes up... but it is really because I didn't want anyone else to figure it out. Sorry Emily! Please forgive me!

If it isn't obvious yet; Keith would like to proudly announce his promotion from the Only Child role to the role of the Big Brother. He will be welcoming his younger sibling around the end of November and would like to invite everyone to lots of belly pats on his mommy's tummy, and anyone who wants to learn how to change dirty diapers is welcome at that time as well. No need to RSVP as all are encouraged to come and see the tiny miracle for themselves (one diaper change or burping session will be included in visit, free of charge).

We found out in March, but due to the massive heartbreak of the last pregnancy we wanted to keep it a secret until we knew the sex of the baby. Technically we are out of the danger zone now, so I guess it is okay to tell, and honestly, you are all so smart! I have been trying to cover it up but I can't get anything past any of you, can I?


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