Thursday, June 18, 2009

* WARNING* Political Information

I just have a question. Don't worry, Jeffrey promised that the pictures would come today. Be patient.

My question is this. If you see something that is horribly wrong how do you fix it? I mean with decisions made by our government.

I read a news article yesterday that really got my blood boiling. Two teenage boys ganged up on a person of different ethnicity then them, beat him and then left him. He ended up being on life support for two days before dying. Now those boys are receiving between 6 and 22 months of jail time. That is it. They killed a man, it was a hate crime, and because they were tried by an all white jury, they are being let go. How is that fair? Can anything at all be done about it? If not for this specific incidence, how can we help our justice system be JUST? Can I write a letter of outrage to anyone? Who would I send it to? Has anyone done anything like this before? Just wondering. Thanks for the help!

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