The Universal Question

I am curious.

All of you with little boys, pay attention. I need your wisdom.

Is it normal for little boys to lose one of each shoe, and grow out of all the others... all in the same week?

My darling little rascal decided that as much as he loves shoes, he would just make certain that he always had one with him.

Just one.

Not a pair.

We discovered that he left one in a restaurant in Panguitch.

His little sandals that we bought him at the beginning of the summer now let his cute little toes protrude over the edge, thus becoming optimal for scrubbed toes of which we are not a fan.

His church shoes don't have a prayer of fitting him.

We tried.

Prayer and all.

His other shoe is hanging around in the closet, mocking him from its busted out seems, and daring him to remember where he hid it's mate.

What is a mother to do?
Klingon baby... excuse the food in and on his mouth, it's part of the costume.

I guess it is off to the store for more little shoes... and I am tempted to buy one size too big, and let him trip around for a while, simply so I don't have to buy shoes every six months. Does anyone else do that?



Ali said…
Totally Normal.
Totally Adorable!
Noodle said…
It's not just a boy thing... I think its an age thing... Sammy does the same thing...I'll find one shoe down stairs and one put away in her room where it belongs... She at least tries to put them away... But yeah I have like over 20 pairs of shoes (all hand me downs or DI finds) and there are days she goes bare foot cause we can't find a match...And now she is growing out of all of them!!! I guess I better put them away for number two.. and go hunt for some more deals...
Taren said…
good thing little shoes are so darn cute, and so fun to buy right? ;)
Taren said…
dude, how do you get the scrolling text thing under your button? i seriously tried for like 20 minutes one time to figure that out...
Andrea said…
Oh yes, totally normal. We went through the same stage last summer with our little Aaron. He'd constantly kick off one, just one, shoe wherever we went--store, restaurant, hike, etc. (Side note: he still does it too but I've just gotten used to automatically checking his feet before we leave each store.) We have several cute shoes and sandals without a match. Hint: buy the cheapest sandals and/or shoes you can find so you won't feel bad when one gets lost in three days. Ironically enough, the cheaper and less cute they are the LESS likely they'll get lost! ;)
* { Shannon } * said…
Keith is growing like a weed!

Totally normal.

I go to Wal-Mart and buy their $5 crocs for Thomas, one pair in each size, and that's all he wears!

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