Thursday, June 4, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Aprons Are Coming Back!

I found a new love.

I mean it has been in the making for a while now, but just last night it became official.

I. love. aprons.

It may be old-fashioned of me, but I love old fashioned.

The one I have may not be very flattering on me, but it has great sentimental value (it was either my grandmother's or my great grandmother's apron, so it has seen a lot of use over the years).

I have found many uses for aprons.

  1. An apron will keep your clothes clean while you are cooking or cleaning.
  2. An apron (if worn right) can be a fashion statement
  3. An apron is wonderful for drying your hands on
  4. An apron is excellent to wipe excess flour or whatever off your hands while you are cooking
  5. An apron helps you stay dry while bathing babies
  6. An apron can be used as a towel for your babies if you foolishly forgot to grab one before heading into the bathroom for bath time
  7. An apron is a wonderful subsitute for a hanky when your little one's nose is gushing
  8. An apron gives your child yet another thing to hang onto while you are cleaning/cooking, thus making you feel a little more like June Cleaver
  9. An apron can be an accessory (again, it has to be the right one, and worn right)
  10. An apron can give you the appearance of being super busy, and being an excellent homemaker
I love my apron, and am anxious to re-build this one, as well as make some others.

Check back in a couple of hours for a picture of my apron here... My computer is still being stubborn, so I will have to wait for hubby to get home and use his computer to download the picture

I have seen some in stores, but honestly, they are not all that cute. An apron must be cute, or reflect something of the personality of the wearer. An apron must not make the wearer feel frumpy. That would defeat the purpose of helping us achieve femininity, which an apron greatly enhances.

I have seen some darling ones that friends have made, but honestly, I am too cheap to pay them to make me one.

Besides, I need the sewing practice. I have only sewed two things in my life, and both of those were in a sewing class with the teacher standing behind me to make sure I didn't goof up... again. A wrap around skirt (really, how hard can that be? Just hem the edges and stick a button or two on it) and a pair of shorts (which ended up being short!) so my sewing ability is rather dubious.

But, you mark my words, as soon as I find some extra money laying around, I am going to rush to the fabric store with it, get me some material, and make a kick-awesome apron which I will wear with pride, and be able to finally retire my dear Grandmother's (or was it my great grandmother's?) apron which is on its last leg.

What do you like about aprons? Do you wear one? Would you if you found a super sweet one?

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