Tuesday, June 30, 2009


When I was a kid there was a television station called "The Box." You could call in and request a music video to be played, and they would charge you $2.00. It was my only form of staying up with the cool people who had cable television, so I watched it whenever I could... just so I could sound cool, like I was up with the times, yo.

I remember a music video I really liked was Sabotage by The Beastie Boys.

I am reminded of that song today.

Keith and I decided we were going to have a clean house today. He was in on the agreement, and even had a few suggestions as to how we could decorate. I firmly vetoed decorating the living room with race cars, and he at last relented. We were agreed. So, he began playing quietly with some cars in the other room and I began cleaning.

I turned around to get the vacuum, and when I got back a sneaky little interior decorator had gotten into the house, and begun to design a new layout complete with cars and stuffed animals.

I put all the decor away, and again sat down with Keith telling him he could decorate his room any way he liked, but we as a family had agreed to decorate the living room and kitchen in their current fashion.

He nodded his head, and went back to his toys. I began to vacuum and shortly thereafter stepped on a little wooden giraffe. I looked around and saw that Noah had been to visit, and decided to let all his animals out to stretch their legs and wreak havoc on my plans of a clean house.

I instantly demanded Noah take his animals and ark and go back to the toy shelf where he belongs. He was not very nice about it, but eventually I won.

When I got over to Keith's study area, I was mortified to find a book eating monster had been by to visit. All the books had been thrown off their shelves and scattered haphazardly across the floor. I was nearly ready to give in and let Keith decorate the house after his own fashion when I spied it.

Hidden under the rubble of books, winking at me in the sunlight was my salvation. A blue pacifier and a shabby white leg. It was the binki and Mr. Bear. As if a message were sent to me from up above, I knew what to do. I snatched them up, offered them as a bribe to Senor Decorator. The minute he accepted I scooped him up, planted a big kiss on his squishy cheek, and deposited him in his bed.

Now, my living room is clean. Next step: The kitchen.

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