Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A picture Is Worth A Thousand Words... and some

I guess I should begin with an apology.

I can't post my picture today... again.

The reason being I thought my hubby's computer actually had a SD card slot, but really it doesn't.

I have to wait for him to email me the pictures tomorrow.

He forgot today.

So, just to whett your appetite, here is a picture of my first time ever highlighting my hair.

Tomorrow comes the real stuff.

And since I have writter's block pretty bad right now, I will leave you with a few pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?
Just having a little fun in the tub! Keith puts anything that he can on his head... including his little potty pot. I wonder when he will finally figure out it is to sit on and not to wear as a hat. I'll get a picture of that once my computer starts liking me again.

This is the oh-so-loved Mr. Bear. Keith will not go anywhere happily without him. His very own velveteen rabbit.

And this is Mr. Bear sitting next to a bear that is his twin. I am not kidding. A year of fierce love changed the bear on the left into the bear on the right. Seriously. I know it is hard to believe, but that is the truth... I wonder how a year of fierce love has changed me? Good thing for those ME moments, or I might look like the bear on the right.


Em said...

ok, YOU'RE GORGOUS! i can't wait to see the pics when your computer starts working. so fun to see little snipits from your life. love the pink rocking chair. my dad saved mine from when i was little. now to figure out a way to get it to utah...sigh.

Amy said...

You are too kind! You just made my day. The pink rocking chair was actually my grandmother's possibly my great grandmothers. I really want to paint it, but my mother refuses to let me. Good luck getting your chair from when you were little. That would be a lot of fun for Brennan!

Chris and Francisca Hakes said...

Ohhh you look cute! I thought you said you would NEVER highlight your hair though ;)

* { Shannon } * said...

I like your hair! Why are you changing it? Post an after-pic :)

Tricia said...

Well, maybe you should be thankful...most kids won't tolerate anything being on their heads. Keith must be an exception. I heard you aren't going to be able to come on Friday. I know my sis in law (blogging bud) said she was disappointed because she wanted to meet you. Well I understand, it's a long distance and stuff comes up. Talk to you later.