On the Radar

Have you ever tried hiding from a child just so you could get something done?  

Last week I tried to get a few minutes to myself while Jeffrey was there to help out, and it was just pretty hard to do.  

I would get the kids busy doing something and then sneak away for a shower and right after I turned on the water a little knock would come on the door and a soft "Amy?" could be heard.

I have come to the conclusion that all children are born with a "My parent needs quiet time, I must find them and interrupt" radar.  

It is always at the most akward times, too.  For example every time I got into or out of the shower I was interupted with a soft knock, crying and "Amy, Hunter just...." or "Amy, Hannah just...." and the funniest part about it is they were always upset because the one wouldn't play with the other.  

Going along with that, I was impressed with my friend Emily today.  How did she know I was going to talk about ME time today?  It just goes to show, great minds think alike!  

I declare today to be a pampering day!  Even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom for five minutes to enjoy a lemonaid in silence, do it!  Ignore the knocks and the crying just for 5 minutes.  Take headphones if you have to.

I started early yesterday.  I put the little one down for a nap, and went into the bathroom and locked the door.  I then went natural.

My hair that is.

I colored it back to the origonal dark brown that I love.

Last year I thought I would try highlights for the first time, and while they were fun for the first little while, I quickly grew tired of them.  Oh how nice it is to be back to my natural hair color!

On a completely side note, I am looking out my bedroom window and I am seeing a dream of summer.  I am hearing birds, and against the deep blue and white sky I see dark green leafs with red!  My cherry tree looks like a perfect picture!  I don't like the taste but I sure love how it looks!

So my dear friends, make today a day of memories, summer time fun, and pamper yourself just a little.  Go under that darn radar.



I go through the same thing with my hair too! I want highlights really bad and then after they grow out, I'd rather just dye my hair back brown than touch up the highlights. Its happens every time to me. Hopefully I will just be happy with my hair for a while though because we have got to save our $ the best we can!
Amy said…
Your hair always looks so darling! I can't wait to see the new do. Women are funny about our hair, are we? But if you aren't happy with it, you have got to change it! That is all there is to it.
Sue said…
Saw your comment on Emily's post and hurried over to see a pic of your new hair. No such luck, but I LOVE the cherry tree photo. It's gorgeous, and makes my mouth water because I DO love them.

Amy said…
Sue and everyone else,
I am so so sorry that I can't post pictures. The electronics are still going kaput a little bit. I am working on it. I hate to disappoint, so hopefully in the next day or so I will figure out a way to get a picture of the hair on the computer. Thanks for your patience!
valentine said…
i am the same way when it comes to my hair. every spring/summer i get so tired of my long boring hair, so i chop it off. but after a month or two of short hair, i get tired of that and then i grow it long.....every year same cycle and i am never happy LOL yes. i think i am insane.
Amy said…

It really is a huge temptation to cut hair isn't it? Especially after the long dreary months of winter, a fresh 'do' would just make everything so much happier and fresh, wouldn't it? I have been resisting the temptation for about two years now, and sadly, my hair is still not as long as I would like. I hope your are enjoying the shortness of your hair right now in this heat!
Em said…
glad to be of service;-) oh, and yes, i often lock brennan out of the bathroom (knowing he will scream at the door and stay out of places he should be) so i can wash my face, brush my teeth, and comb my hair. sad i know, but sometimes i've just gotta!
Haha I dont have kids so cant relate, but I always want to cut my hair, its so damn hot outside!
Amy said…
You are too funny. The joys of being a mother.
AB Home Interiors,
I think there is something very refreshing about getting a hair cut. I am glad you could at least relate to that!

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