Just the Two of Us.... Er....

I just remembered, I am not going to be around much this week.

The hubby and I are going on a romantic getaway for the week.

We will be by a beautiful pristine lake, large spacious parks all around, activities going on throughout the week (an electrical light parade on the lake, free concerts, and the list goes on!)

....with two extra kids.

We get to go to my brother's house and watch his kids while they are playing at Lake Powell.

Jeffrey will still be commuting to work, but regardless, we will have a week full of adventure and fun.

I will try to find time to blog, but three kids and being pregnant may just make me a little too tired.

Enjoy your week!



* { Shannon } * said…
I hope you enjoy the "romantic getaway" this week... it sounds, um, relaxing! ;)
valentine said…
oh how fun! i hope you guys have fun at the lake. i would love to go anywhere....oh well.
Noodle said…
Some times it's easier with more kids cause they have some one to play with... But when it comes to nap time its a lot harder... Good luck and have a fun time enjoying a new envoirnment so to speak...
Umm pregnant? I miss so much if I don't check your blog daily! Turn off the computer and have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!!!
Megan said…
Sounds like a fun change! Maybe they'll take your little guy for a while when they get back and you can relax :)

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