Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Great Mystery, Solved

So it has been a long day already, and it is only 11:30.

Figure that one out.

Keith has been incredibly fussy and I have suspicions he is trying to become two a lot faster than I would like him to. He is certainly trying to assert his independence. When he doesn't want to leave a place, we generally have a huge kicking/screaming fest. I actually think it is funny, and have to try really hard to keep a straight face. It wouldn't do to have my son see me laughing at his bad behavior.

Well, it started off like a typical morning. Got up and got ready, rushed out the door because, oh yeah, I had a doctor appointment.

Foolish, foolish me forgot to get a sitter for the tot, and the little ones really love to make messes in doctors' offices. We went in, and had a very nice long talk with the doctor about birthing options, and myths, and all sorts of lovely things, the whole time trying to keep little Dr. Destructivo out of things. Then the big news came. My midwife did an ultrasound, and guess what! We know what we are having. It's a baby! And, the baby is perfectly healthy! The head is actually a little bigger than the 17 weeks, so it could be a bit further on than we had anticipated. Yay!

We got to see all the fun body parts, and when I say all, I really mean all. I am so excited for this cute little one to join our ranks.

After the doctor I had to rush off to go visiting teaching, and then get Keith to bed. He was being naughty, though, so he didn't get his binki, which means it makes his nap time all that much harder for me. But he made the choice, and I have to stick to my guns, right?

At any rate, I am exhausted, and not looking forward to the many random things littering my floor. I have a friend I haven't seen in ages coming over soon, but I think she is going to just have to deal with the mess, because I am too tired.

Orange Julius is like my whisky, and it is calling to me. Have a great day everyone!

Okay, okay. I will tell you. We are having a little girl!
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