Monday, June 29, 2009

Do NOT Feed the Animals

I live in a zoo.

I don't mean my house is a crazy house with lots of things going on.

I mean quite literally a zoo.

I just put Keith to bed, and he is the funniest little boy you will ever meet.

You all know about Mr. Bear. If Mr. Bear is ever lost, or when he finally dies, I think it will be the end of the world for my little one. Mr. Bear has been his constant companion for the last year.

In hopes to wean him from Mr. Bear, we took him to the store and after prying him (kicking and screaming I might add) away from the cars and trucks, we got him to the stuffed animals.

Monkey instantly became a favorite.

Monkey is as big as he is. And Keith loves carrying him in one arm and Mr. Bear in another.

He also insists on carrying around my elephant (which is also quite large) that I had since I was three. He trips a lot.

Last week our neighbor brought over a little stuffed dog. Now Keith carries the dog, the monkey and the bear... sometimes trailing his blanket behind him. He walks very slowly when he has all four.

And then there is the frog. It is a medium sized frog that I found for a Valentine's Day decoration, simply because it was holding a heart that said "Be Mine." Once the holiday was over we cut the heart off and gave the frog to Keith.

He refuses to go to bed unless he has Mr. Bear, Monkey, Doggy, and Froggy. Oh, and his blanket.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. He recently discovered the pet net that is hanging over his crib and full of stuffed animals that were given to him when he was a baby. Not just a few, but literally bursting full of them.

So if you ever decide to drop in to visit, there may be an audience of animals watching your every move. Don't be alarmed, they wont bite.

Welcome to my zoo.

P.S.My proof in the form of pictures can be found here.
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