Acceptance Speech

So, after much stress and frustration, Jeffrey has been accepted to his school! We have been trying to get him registered for quite a while, and now, he is finally registered and he can go back to school! We are so excited and now I will be able to see him even less then I already do, due to his work schedule and now with school... *sniff* but, we are super excited to be back on the road of education, and even more excited for the day it is over (whew, that was a long sentence!). Yay! Congratulations My Love!


valentine said…
congrats! going back to school is rough (the hubs went back a year or so ago) but it'll be worth it in the end!!
* { Shannon } * said…
That's awesome! Congratulations ~ and I promise, the time will go by fast :)
mub said…
That's great news =)
Em said…
yay! that's so exciting!

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