Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why Keith had to wear one of my shirts

What a day! I am posting now becuase tomoorow I will be nursing my poor baby back to health.

I admit it, I have been spoiled. I have been blessed. I have a miracle baby. He is 19 months old, and for the first time in his precious little life, got sick. He had the fever and the lunch losing, and the confusion as to why he was sick, and why I couldn't just kiss him and make it all better. Yet he suffered it all with so much patience and mellowness. So long as I was near, or he could be held by me, it was alright. Honestly, it breaks my heart. I know that so many other mothers have had sick babies or even sickly babies, buy I have never had to deal with that... until today as we were an hour into our two hour drive. Yet once we got there and he let some more of his lunch up into the grass, he sat patiently for the two hours of graduation, only asking for a drink once. He is such a good sweet little thing, I hate when he is sick. It really just breaks my heart. So, I am dedicating my day to cuddling him, and waiting on him, and doing everything I can think of to make him more comfortable and happy.

So, happy Saturday, my friends! Enjoy it and let me know all the fun you had, and then I will let you know of all the wonderful bonding Keith and I did. We will have a show and tell on Monday when we come back to the blogging world!


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