The Wall

This morning I went for a scrumptious walk.

It was delightful.

I love summer mornings.

I love the smell of the trees and grass, and the crispness of the air.

As I was walking, we saw a ton of motorcycles drive past.

Keith was THRILLED.

He loves bikes.

When we got to our little park there were more than 100 motorcycles parked around some bleachers.

I forgot.

The touring Viet Nam Memroial Wall is set up in my cute little park right now.
The bikers were helping set it up.

I can't wait to take The History Buff over to see it when he gets home from work.

Maybe we can take a little picnic and enjoy it as he is busy devouring all the historical information they have posted round about.

Oh what wonderful people who gave their lives in the fight for freedom.

We honor them.

Pictures were taken last year when the Wall was at a different location, which is why Keith is so small.


* { Shannon } * said…
That's awesome the memorial wall is at your park right now! I wish our parks had cool stuff...
Em said…
i always get so emotional with things like this!

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