Thursday, May 14, 2009

The One Where Keith Gets Lots Of Bananas

Yesterday Keith had his something or other check up (I forget why it was).

He got a new book from the doctor, and three shots from the nurse... who gave him a sucker afterwards to make up for it.

I am pleased to announce he is finally evening out.

At all his other check up appointments we were told that he was off the charts for height and weight in his age range.

His head has always been in the 50%, but everything else... let it suffice me to say he is just a big cuddly kid.

Well, we have the new stats in, and he is just perfect.

Height: 33 1/8 inches {60%}
Weight: 27.8 lbs {70%}
Head Circumfrance: 48.8 centemeters {75%}

I am just as pleased as can be to pay the doctor loads of money to tell me my son is healthy.

But he is healthy, and that is what is important.

Can I just tell you, watching a little one get shots is the worst thing ever.

His poor little face was scrunched up so tight, leaving barely enough room for the tears to seep out of his eyes.

But he held still, and let me hold his arms and didn't even fight the shots, so he got a reward.

We went to the grocery store after and bought a boat load of bananas because didn't you know, they are his main staple.

Bananas and strawberries.

We also bought him some popsicles, but he doesn't seem to be a big fan of them yet.

I anticipate a week before he is loving them.

He then came home, and we both took a much needed nap.

Doctor visits just wear us out!
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