Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mexican or El Salvadorain? Who Cares, We Celebrated!

Our Cinco de Mayo party was so stinking fun.

We didn't have the tostadas as i had planned, instead my wonderful Jeffrey took us to the local pupusaria.

I know that pupusas are El Salvadorian and not Mexican, but they are so stinking good!

My Love did get a Macho Burrito so that was Mexican.

We LOVED it!

We had a party bathing our little munchkin and reading to him right before he went to sleep.

I think that is a perfect end to the evening.

But our evening did not end there.

We got to watch an interesting 45 minute video about Gollum before I fell asleep to the sweet cuddlings of my husband as he ecstaticly cheered on The A-Team.

Not quite Mexican, but a celebration none-the-less.

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* { Shannon } * said...

At any rate, way to celebrate! :)