Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hard Earned Money

Today I got a phone call.

It was Jeffrey.

He had been studying for a test he needs to take for work, and was getting a little fried by it.

So he did what any husband would do.

He called me with a question.

"Would you like to play a game?" he asked.

"What kind of game?" I asked dubiously.

I rarely want to play his games.

He is the master stratigo.

I am the master of luck games.

"Oh, you'll like it," he promises "it is a mix of Candy Land, Monolopy, and Clue."

"I'm intrigued" I say intrigued.

He then goes on to explain that in order to buy the property you have to solve a murder that happened there, and you do so by luckily drawing the right colored card.

Another time he was working we had a conversation on hybrid movies.

What do you or your honey do while at work during the slow times?
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