Hard Earned Money

Today I got a phone call.

It was Jeffrey.

He had been studying for a test he needs to take for work, and was getting a little fried by it.

So he did what any husband would do.

He called me with a question.

"Would you like to play a game?" he asked.

"What kind of game?" I asked dubiously.

I rarely want to play his games.

He is the master stratigo.

I am the master of luck games.

"Oh, you'll like it," he promises "it is a mix of Candy Land, Monolopy, and Clue."

"I'm intrigued" I say intrigued.

He then goes on to explain that in order to buy the property you have to solve a murder that happened there, and you do so by luckily drawing the right colored card.

Another time he was working we had a conversation on hybrid movies.

What do you or your honey do while at work during the slow times?


Wow sounds like an interesting game. My husband doesn't get bored at work, apparently. I guess it is his dream job. On my blog, it says your current post is "Can't smile without you". But on here is says Hard Earned money. I was just wanting to hear how you couldn't smile without me. Darn, what disappointment grips my heart.
Amy said…
Sorry about that confusion. i was trying to figure out how to post "Our Song" *sigh* on the sidebar, and since I needed the html code, I made a post of it, but I deleted the post. If you want to hear "Our Song" *sigh* just mosey on over to the right sidebar and click on play!
Familia Morales said…
I get huge e-mails containing e-mails between Pedro and some of his co-worker friends. They talk about the weirdest things sometimes! And they go on Forever! I'm just thinking 'so this is what you do at work all day.' Hmmm.

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