Free Voice Lessons!

I live in the most talented ward in the world. I think about 50 of the ladies (and even some of the guys) teach voice lessons. I have always wanted voice lessons, but sadly, I have never been able to afford them. While feeling sorry for myself and my lack of voice training, I discovered a voice teacher I couldn't pass up. She is $50 a lesson which is usually an hour, or two or three depending on how good you are, and the better you get, the more you have to pay her. I tell you what, she is so good, I just had to sign up with her. She does have a free lesson that got me hooked, and I think you all will crash her email with requests for her to be your teacher. Mention my name! :)
P.S. You have to watch the whole thing. I was dying.


Tisha said…
Hilarious! I really think I need to consider switching Samantha to a voice teacher like her...anyone who can use the "piano in her head" has to totally be worth the money!
My thoughts:
"Voice lessons cost a lot...because they're not cheap." Wow, revelatory.
High voice vs low voice, you know I'm glad she went over that one because I really wasn't sure what the difference was. And she has huge lips. Like she could be a black woman with those lips! Yeah so, pretty funny!
I remember this one lady from your ward who sings really well and high and over everyone else in the least last time I visited.
Andrea said…
That's one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time! Her humility astounds me and the fact that she would teach one of her amazing lessons for free is just awesome! I better start selling off a bunch of my things just so I can afford more of her longer and better lessons where I'll "actually sing"! Evelyn Harris better watch out. lol! (I watched the next video of her too, singing "A Whole New World"--it hurt my ears.)
Tammy said…
I don't think voice lessons would help me. LOL. Hi from the SITstahood.
Sue said…
Kinda scary, this woman...


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