What Is That Smell?

I may be scarce for a while. I am anticipating a crazy time consuming week.

I love it.

Yesterday I got to play with seven wonderful children while their mothers were out and about. It was very good for The Boss to see me interact with other children, and it was good for me to see him interact with other children. Sometimes we have a very symbiotic relationship.

Today we went grocery shopping with my mother. Coming out of the stores I saw all the "cool" seagulls hanging out in the parking lot. They were strutting their stuff, snubbing a few of the gulls who didn't wear their feathers right, and cawing in their cool voices. We decided to go join them. After all, we are cool too, right?

Some of the gulls were too cool for us, but we were too cool to care. The Boss thought it was the greatest thing in the world to hold a piece of bread high above his head and caw back to them. His caw was five times cooler than the coolest of the seagulls. I know he was saying "eat your heart out, little seagulls." and they were saying back "Aw, man! He really is the coolest of the cool. We just lost the status. I guess we will have to follow him now." and then they all flocked him and the bread in his fisted hand. He just laughed. When I grow up, I want to be as cool as my son.

After getting home and getting The Boss to bed, I was finally able to realize on of my fondest home making dreams. I threw my sheets into the wash. While they were being cleaned, I went outside and made two clothes lines. When the sheets were clean, I took them outside, and hung them on the lines.

They are now gracefully flying about, in the cool breeze, soaking up that fresh air smell that I am going to go to bed with. From now on, sheets dry outside.

I mean really, is there anything more wonderful than clothes line dried sheets? I submit there is not! It is a little taste of fresh air while you sleep. It is saving us energy and money, and it is so nostalgic!

Did I ever mention I was born in

the wrong era?

As I was walking outside to hang the clothes I caught a wiff of something. It was ever so faint, just floating in on the breeze, tantalizing my every sense. It was something that I anticipate experiencing every year. I wait for it, because it means it is the start of more memories. I love memories! It is The Smell.

I am so happy to finally have the Smell of Summer. Have you ever smelled Summer? It isn't just the cut grass, or the dirt, or the pollen, it is so much more than that. I have my windows open, and I am hoping my house will act as a sponge and soak up that mouthwatering scent. I am literally floating from room to room, completely intoxicated with Summer, and clean sheets, and the coolest of cool baby. To complete this Utopia, I only need to wait a few more hours, and My Love will be home, we will be eating freshly grilled fish, watermelon, and a delicious, delectable green salad.

Ahhh, the joy of homemaking.


* { Shannon } * said…
There is nothing better than the smell of clothes dried on the clothesline! The sun is the best way to whiten up whites too. I think you and I should have both been born in the 1950's! ;)
Clare said…
Growing up in England, we never had a clothes dryer. My Grandpa made a clothes line from an old telephone pole!Thank you for visiting and cheering me up
Amy said…
I guess all we can do is revisit those times in our own way, right? Like skipping out on using a dryer, or wearing an apron all day.

Wow, how wonderful! I used a tree and our fence. One of the lines I made wasn't very good though, my sheets were almost touching the ground. I am going to have to try something different with it. Glad to know you are cheered.
Hmm watermelon sounds good right now. Speaking of silly birds and hords of them- here in TX I think ravens must be the state bird or something because they are everywhere and man are they obnoxious!
Familia Morales said…
I love reading your posts. You're such a talented writer. Enjoy those sun-kissed sheets.
Momisodes said…
Wow. So beautifully captured in words and photos!

I just want to run through those close lines! Something I loved to do as a child :)
Rocksee said…
I sleep so much better on air dryed sheets.. ohh that smell is amazing..

My husband however things they are hard and scratchy... Men! What do they know!
Em said…
oh joy! sheets hanging in the wind...this reminds me of summers in iowa with my grandparents. i think i'll need to do this when i have a house and a real backyard of my own...with a window to look out at my sheets blowing in the wind. so peaceful:-)
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Mare said…
Jealous. Outdoor sheet drying is illegal where I live (seriously). We are expecting a big snow storm tonight - so I'll let you know if summer ever gets here!
Erika said…
I LOVE the smell of summer! Seriously I was thinking the same thing the other day walking to class. And sheets drying in the breeze? Nothing is better! Thanks for all your comments on my blog.. I love them! I'll have to show you what we came up with for our shirt design. It's super cute.
Taren said…
1. Anyone who uses the phrase "ninja skills" in a sentence is a friend of mine.
2. don't hate miley because wal-mart is the devil!
3. I like oliver too.
4. This post was about seagulls, and yet - it was hilarious! i applaud you.
5. i think i love you.
Christy said…
Leaving some love from SITS :)
Kelly Deneen said…
I love your blog! I will have to stop back. I am SO looking forward to the smell of summer. *sighs*

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!
kel said…
I love the "cool" seagulls reference! so funny!!
coco-ono said…
we are barely into spring right now but you are sooo right about that smell, and abotu hanging laundry!
Pearl said…
My laundry dries on the line from May to October, which is as good as it's going to get in Minneapolis.

Oh, I absolutely love line-dried sheets!


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