Monday, April 13, 2009

Universe, I Am Reading the Signs

Okay, sheesh, I get it. Do you have to be so heavy handed?
I grew up hating my hair.
Who wouldn't? I am a curly girl in a straight society.
I was the sole curly head in a family of perfectly lying straight locks.

It wasn't until after graduating high school I finally began to accept the fact that my curly hair is who I am.

I tried everything to straighten it, and defy those curls. I ironed, I straightened, I blow dried... I did everything I could think of.

And then one day, I started to like my curls. Shortly thereafter I got pregnant, and my hair began to grow in straight. Go figure, hu?
Since having my baby, my hair has grown more curly... except that section of straightness from the nine months of pregnancy. Weird, I know.

I have been struggling with loving my hair again. And then today, I saw it.
There are two count 'em two giveaways for hair products.

Granted, they are probably for you lovely ladies with the straight- never a hair out of place- locks, but I figure, if I need to love my hair again, I will not color it blond (as I was contemplating yesterday) but will just take better care of it, and learn to love it again.

So, if you are interested in loving your hair again, check out Adventures in the Land of the Newlyweds and Light Refreshments Served.
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