Friday, April 3, 2009

These Is My Words

I love reading.

Have I ever told you that?

Well, I do.

I don't just read books, I devour them, I savor every word like it's the last taste of ice cream I will ever get. When I read I am transported into a whole different world. I become a different person experiencing different trials and joys.

I am what you would call an escape reader. That is not always a good thing.

If I am watching a movie I can turn it off. Even in the middle most intense part, I can walk away, no problem.

When I am reading a book, it is glued to my hand until it is finished.

Which could be why I don't read much anymore. I don't want to neglect my family. I need to live my life, and savor my family.

But just like that little piece of chocolate, I have to endulge now and again.

Which is why book clubs make me so happy! I feel like I am reading for a cause, not just my own enjoyment.

"But Mom, it's my homework, I have to do it!"

Which is why I was so happy when my friend Emily started a blogger book club. Last month we read The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. We then discussed it. I loved hearing what other people had to say about the book. I loved learning from other people's perspectives. It was glorious.

For the months of April/May we are reading These Is My Words by Nancy Turner. I am excited. I have never heard anything about this book, but it is a book. I am so excited to read it! If anyone else wants to join in the book club, go out, get your book and start reading it.

For more information, check out Emily's blog.

Also to learn more about Tender Mercies go here.
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