Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Then Sings My Soul

Have you ever known the glory of a purple gray sky?

Today was a sort of listless day.

It was spent in the bathroom for the majority of the day due to an illness, so that wasn't much fun, but I tell you what, getting out of the shower (at 6:00 tonight... I know. Listless day, remember?) and seeing a purple gray sky through my windows just put a shoot of thrill through my whole body.

Shortly after that thrill of excitement, was a bright flash followed by a hollow rolling boom. Can anything be more sublime?

Also, I just finished reading Anne of the Island.

I love the Anne books!

There is no better author at description than the beloved L.M. Montgomery.

At any rate, I am super excited to get started on the fourth- did you know there was a fourth?

I wasn't aware that they went above three.

So excited.

A night of natures fireworks and my family. Ah, nothing could be sweeter.
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