I have to break into my sabbatical to proclaim perfection.

I declare today to be perfect!

We woke up this morning to beautiful sunlight and flowers.

My dear sweet husband brought me a cantaloupe smile for some breakfast.

After eating it, I got up and made him some whole wheat pancakes.

We played with our son, and then put him down for a nap.

Once all was quiet on the home-front, we put the finishing touches on our respective lessons that we got to teach.

Church was divine.

I wore cherry blossoms in my hair, because with curly hair, they just stay perfectly in place, no need for pins of any kind.

We are now on our way to eat dinner with the family, and spend some quality time.

I declare today to be perfect!


* { Shannon } * said…
It sounds like you've begun your week just "perfectly!" :)
Oh what a happy family! Your baby looks a little tired though...

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