Once Again

Hi all!

It has been so much fun spoiling The Boss this past week, I never want to stop.

In fact, I don't think I ever will.

The computer still hasn't been fixed, so I am going to run on over to the photo developing place and have a cd made, so I can get pictures that way. Keep your fingers crossed that it will work!

Wow, I have to say this past week has been absolutely rapturous!
We played at the park with the ducks,
ate ice cream,
went on many walks,
ate more ice cream,
went to the zoo as a whole family (had churros... i haven't had those for so long!)
ate chinese,
played in the grass,
played in the rain,
made cookies...

I think I want to have a week like that once a month.

It was glorious!

Saturday we read all day.

All three of us.

I read These Is My Words which made me cry.
The Boss toddled up to me, and said "cry? Mommy cry?"
I told him everything was alright, and he gave me a very wet very big kiss.
It was one of the best kisses I have ever had in my life. (Sorry My Love, it's true. He just melted my heart... like yours do... I guess it's in his blood.)

But we are back. I have to warn, I love keeping in touch with everyone through blogging, but if I am not careful, I neglect some of the duties I need to keep on top of, the important ones. So I am not going to promise a post every day like I used to do. It will be a little more sporadic, because I plan on spending more time playing with my son, and only being on the computer when my "chores" are done, and my son is sleeping.

Missed you all, and I am so happy to be back!



Have you checked out Nie's recent post? It was exactly what I needed to hear today. What a phenominal woman!


Familia Morales said…
What a fun week! I love the pictures. Your little boys cheeks look so squishable!
* { Shannon } * said…
'These Is My Words' is one of my all-time FAVORITE books!
What a face! I'm glad you are back in the blogging world, but I love hearing about your adventures with your boys. Hopefully we can talk soon about our "similarities" if you know what I mean...
Em said…
i think it's amazing that you can read while your son is awake. i have yet to master that. there is no reading when he is awake for me. it is my nightime escape:-)
Megs said…
hey! found your blog through free flan :)

love it!

keep it up!!
Amy said…
It was a fun week, thanks! I agree with you, my son's cheeks are very (and I mean very) squishable. Sometimes I just have to bite them. Not hard, mind you, but they are just too tempting!

Really? I am not a big fan of the book, and will probably never read it again. I don't like books that make me cry more than they make me laugh or smile. I admit, it is interesting, but not my favorite.

I am glad to be back, and so glad I was missed. We had so much fun! I can't wait to talk with you. I am thinking once I get caught up on my house, I will give you a call.

Hahaha, well, I know that children learn by example, and I want my son to see me reading, so he will want to do it more. It seems to be working. Often he will grab a couple of his books, and curl up on the couch next to me and read. I admit, sometimes it does get hard with him constantly showing me things, but I feel it is important, and honestly, when I read, the world seems to stop.

I am so glad you found me. Free Flan cracks me up so much! She is such a funny girl. I hope you come by often and are pleased with what you read. Really, it's just ramblings that go through my mind, or things that happen in my day, and they interest me, so hopefully they will be of interest to you too.
Mare said…
Nice pics. I really like your husband's chops. They rock!
Amy said…
Thanks Mare! I really like the pictures too. My hubby isn't overly fond of the pictures, but since he can't stop pulling faces in all the pictures I take of him, he has to deal with the consequences. Sadly, the chops are no more. They left when he got his job with the Church.
Taren said…
welcome back! and i'm glad you sorted out that awful picture situation!

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