The Last Hurrah!

It was nice to fall asleep to the gentle hum of the rain last night. I woke up in the night to comfort The Boss who couldn't find Mr. Bear (as soon as I fix this blasted computer I will post a before the LOVE and after the LOVE picture of Mr. Bear).

As I was rocking him, and he was squeezing Mr. Bear tight in his arms, I thought I looked out the window and saw my yard covered in snow. Who knows if it was real or not, I was half asleep.

Now, I am thinking it was a premonition.

I've never had a premonition before, so this is kind of exciting for me!

At any rate, I woke up to happy grunts from The Boss' room where he was playing contentedly with Mr. Bear (who is rarely out of his sight... except for the times when he loses him in the covers at night) and the gentle drumming of the rain again. I looked out the window and saw a most beautiful and quick color of green (haven't you read The Secret Garden? Dicken describes the plants as being quick... he explained to Mary that it means it is alive).

No snow was on my lawn.

"Nice!" I thought. Who can be depressed with all the rain when you know that it is much needed and that it is helping to greenify the world, and lets be honest, a green world (in all senses of the word) is a better world.

Later on in the morning, I looked over to The Boss who was pointing to the window saying "Soween!"

He was right, big fat snow flakes were falling down around the house. Gently covering all the blossoms and buds just waking up from their long sleep. Quietly whispering to them "It is not time to be awake yet, go back to bed for 5 more minutes."
So, we decided to make the most of it. This quite possibly could be the last snow fall of the year, so we might as well enjoy it.

We went to the store and got some treats, The Boss is sleeping, and when he wakes up will be greeted by (put your imagination to work here. Remember that my computer doesn't allow me to download pictures anymore)

Perrier, Oreos, and some kind of yummy soup.

I am well aware of the fact that those three things do not sound good together, but we will enjoy them.

All the while cuddling with either a book, or Tale Spin (which happens to be both my boys' favorite cartoon.... for the same reason... the planes. Silly boys.) we will enjoy every second of this fight of the seasons. We both know that Spring will eventually win, but why not let Winter have it's last hurrah?

And now, I am off to clean with the company of our dear friend, Harry Potter. I hope you all enjoy this Last Hurrah as well.


I bet you're thinking "Will it ever stop?" Well, that is what I'm thinking.
mub said…
I suspect it would be mean of me to mention we've had blue skies and 70 degree weather.
Andrea said…
I've loved hearing the sound of the rain these past few days--everything is turning so green, it's beautiful!

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