Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just Another Day

It's late. We have had a very full day. Today was the funeral of my HS best friend's mother. It was a beautiful service. She will be dearly missed. While I attended the funeral our good friend Shem watched The Boss. I was worried that The Boss would scream and throw a fit, but evidently he didn't even miss me. Chasing the ducks and running up and down the many stairs at BYU campus was much more entertainment then his mother ever could be. Thank heavens our friend was there to watch him.

Afterward I decided I would pick up My Love from work seeing as how it was on the way home. We were terribly hungry, so we stopped by Subway for a good veggie sub. I was appaled! I am never going to go there again. By the commercials I was foolishly led to believe that I could have my sandwich made my way. Silly me. I asked the girl who was making it to please pile on the veggies. She said that she could only do a set amount, and that I couldn't have my sandwich with more veggies. I was appalled! I don't think I have ever had so few veggies on my sub ever! And, they didn't even have spinach. I was very sad as we left the restaurant, and am so greateful for KSL and their funny news reporters.

They were talking about a group of anarchists who had organized a protest. The newscaster quipped "How would anarchists organize a protest anyway?"
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