Growing Pains

Yesterday morning the phone rang and woke me up.

It was my husband's cousin.

They haven't seen each other since my husband was seven or eight years old.

His cousin was calling us (because we are the only ones of the family listed) to inform us his mother is in the hospital, and things are looking very bad.
He needed us to call the family and let everyone know.

Last night My Love's parents went to the hospital to visit her, and when they came home, (we had stopped by for free food... I mean for dinner and their company) they filled us in on how she was doing.

Things are looking bleak.

As we were going to bed last night, My Love and I began talking about Life, Death, and the whole scheme of things.

We have a family member who has been trying for a while to get pregnant and finally is!

We are so excited for them!

At any rate, as we were talking about the Aunt, and our Sister In Law, My Love started singing "As long as we have each other, we have the world spinning right in our hands; rain or shine, we've got each other sharing the love."

I couldn't help burst out laughing.

He was singing the theme song from Growing Pains!

I thought it was so sweet for him to sing that, albeit a little cheesey.

I love cheese, so it was perfect for me.

We then fell asleep singing great songs like "Duck Tails," Rescue Rangers," "Gummie Bears," and all the great old 80's cartoon songs.

What a way to put life into perspective, hu?


* { Shannon } * said…
A little humor can do wonders! :)
Mare said…
I'm just amazed that he (or you) know any of those songs. I don't think I'd recognize them even if I tried!
Amy said…
It's true, and he is wonderful for always reminding me of that fact.

I only know the cartoon songs, and even then, it's only some of them. He knows Growing Pains, Family Matters, Full House, Step by Step... I guess he was an avid TGIF watcher.

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