Friday, April 3, 2009

Excuse My Mess

Yesterday was a difficult day for The Boss. The only nap he got was in the car, and he had to eat snack food all day. He had a lot of fun outside, but it really wore him out.

This morning he woke up with a runny nose that would make even Niagara Falls jealous.

So, to remedy that, we are going to cuddle, and drink hot chocolate, and read books to each other all day. We are going to take a few breaks from the reading and chocolate to have a delicious nap in Mommy and Daddy's bed, and then we will get back down to business.

If my house seems a little messy today, it is because I was busy pampering the little sick boy who was stuck in a car all day yesterday.

Besides, that is what Saturdays are for, right?

Sorry for the lack of pictures. The computer is acting up.


* { Shannon } * said...

The Boss deserves your undivided attention. Let your house go, and get that little guy feeling better!

Em said...

ah yes, the booger supreme. brennan currently feasts on the same;-)

Sue said...

There is one nasty cold going around, isn't there? I was talking to one of my buddies on the phone and she had such a snootful I could barely recognize her voice.

Hope he feels better soon!


Amy said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I love it when people support my cause!

Birds of a feather flock together, don't they? I hope your little one gets well soon, too.

Hahaha, your poor friend! Thank you for your support. I hope he gets better soon, too.

Momisodes said...

Poor thing! Sounds like you're making things nice and cozy.

Hope he feels better soon.

kel said...

Visiting from SITS...

hope he feels better soon!!

Rocksee said...

aww.. get better buddy

Midwest Mommy said...

Both my little ones came down with a terrible runny nose and cough. Ugh, I feel you on this one. Nothing else is important when they are sick. Household can wait.