The Curse... dum dum dum

I have a curse.

I didn't know I had this curse until recently, but I do have it.

I have magic fingers that with extended use of a computer, will break it.

It is a good thing My Love is so techy, hu?

Even with his techiness, he can't stop my magically cursed fingers.
Don't believe me? Lets jump back to my childhood.

We had a great DOS computer. You know, the kind with the black screen and the blinking green cursor. It even had real floppy discs... the floppy ones!

As a child I would play games on it like Headline Harry, Striker and Eggbert. One day the computer stopped working. To this day the blame rests squarely on my shoulders. I really have no idea what I could have done to break it, but it has gone to sleep in a junk yard in India (it's true, I read about it in National Geographic. There were pictures, and I saw the green cursor pointing accusingly at me.)

My sibblings rarely let me play on the new computer when we got it, so it was virtually safe from me.

When I was in college my friend built me a computer. He was a great friend! One day I turned it on, and absolutely nothing came up on the screen. A tech savy friend came over to look at it, and nothing happened. He couldn't fix it.

At work something always happened to my computer. I think they replaced it three times.

After I got married and had a baby... okay fine, after I started blogging, I used the camera connector cord... which mysteriously no longer works.

Since I couldn't put pictures on the computer anymore, I started using my hubbie's laptop. As of last week, I can no longer put pictures on this computer either. He can't fix it. He doesn't know what is wrong with it. I have killed this computers picture downloading capacity because I used it the most.

I really think I have a problem. Is there some sort of help group I can go to?

"Hi, my name is Amy and I kill computers."

"Hi, Amy"

At any rate, until my genius husband can find a way to fix it, you will no longer be able to see my picture taking prowess, and all pictures from here on out will either be repeats, or googled.

If anyone knows a cure for this malady, I will do it! As an IT specialist, my husband may be in danger. I may be hazardous to his career. There is no research for this curse, and I may or may not be contagious. Not to mention all the helpless computers he may bring home. Right now he has one quarantined downstairs so it should be fine.

Any info on this unique yet terrible problem would be helpful. You can respond here, or send it to my email... until I manage to inflict sudden death on them. By then there may be no help. Run, run for your lives! Hide your electronic devices before I destroy them all and put us back into the dark ages!


maidmarian4 said…
I'm sure you could find a group for this malady. However, my guess is that the majority of the ages will be toddlers, Elementary school kids, and old people! ;-)
I bet a lot of people feel this way! But honestly I blame PC computers. They just have too many things going on at once. And then they crash. I really wish I had my mac working again...but I kind of promised Neal that I would sell it to him. But I haven't been doing anything about that...oops. Anyway I recommend becoming a MAC girl. It might be hard for you guys right now with finances, but I just think they have a lot fewer problems.
Amy said…
I think you are right about the old people, but let's be honest, my 18 month son knows how to turn on the computer, and he is really close to figuring out how to get to Little ones really don't have that problem.

I fear I would break that computer as well. Macs have no reason to be safe from these fingers. I have tried a mac before, and I hated it. I wanted to break it, without using the time and patience the curse usually needs to work. I wanted to pick it up and throw it across the room. I am not a mac fan.
valentine said…
curse? or secret super power? think of the justice you could dole out, with a flick of your finger and the villians computer is destroyed. the possiblities....LOL

oh, stopped by from sits
Mare said…
Do you have a cell phone that you can upload from? Sometimes buying a computer from a real store like Dell etc can help such a curse - it is called 'product support.' We've had those problems too - but it is great when the company sends you a new part or computer and owns the problems which really are theirs. That's what I've learned over the years.
Amy said…
I love your way of thinking. I will work on this "skill" and perfect it. You find the people who need to be taught a lesson, and together we will be a great team!

Excellent suggestion, but we do not have a cell phone. We are basically living in the dark ages, I know. I am not sure if Circut City is considered a "real store" or not :) but my hubby said he could call the company, but they would want us to restore the default settings, which would erase all of what we have on the computer... not a fun though. Hopefully it will be remedied soon. I am looking into buying a cable to connect my camera to the computer, and hopefully that will work. Thanks for the suggestions.

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