The Aroma of Life

What a beautiful morning.

I have opened all my windows, turned off the heat, and put on a blanket and jacket. I love the smell and sound of falling rain. The gentle pitter patter and swooshing is music to me. Aaaah! I think this is pretty darn close to heaven on earth!
Photo by Alexander Volkov
Together The Boss and I have been doing laundry. After gathering up four baskets of clean clothes, and putting two other loads through, we sat down, accompanied by Jane and Elizabeth Bennett, and began folding clothes.

The Boss was nestled onto my lap under the blanket, binki in mouth, bear held tight, head gradually drooping. I love when he falls asleep in my arms, or on my lap.

What a glorious start to a beautiful day!


I just want you to know that I look forward to reading your posts everyday and hope that there is always something new. btw- last night I had a dream about my baby again. And for the 2nd time I dreamt it was a really cute little boy who loves being tickled. I guess I get my wish to have "a little Nicky". Of course it was weird because this time his name was different than my last dream. So now I'm not sure about anything...
I think I'm going to blame your for my Utah trunk-iness. You are always describing in perfect detail how lovely it is there whilst here I am melting in the sun.
Amy said…
Oh, you just made my day! I am so glad you look forward to reading my blog. that makes me feel all tingly all over. Thanks.
How fun that you are having baby dreams! I don't think I ever did with my pregnancy, but everyone is different, I suppose.
Hahaha. Sorry for making you miss the glorious beauty of Zion. It is nice here, but I wouldn't be sorry for a little heat. Yesterday was about perfect. I think it was 68* Beautiful!
valentine said…
oh! the a & e version of p & p is the absolute best! i could watch it over and over again. mr darcy was my swoon worthy man until edward came along, now i am not sure who is #1....

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