Adventures in A big Day for A Little Man

Yesterday morning little impatient grunts came into our room from the baby monitor. I rolled over and opened a groggy eye to the clock.


I was very surprised since we are generally awakened by 7:20.

I knew it was time.

I shook My Love's shoulder, urging him to wake up, then slipped into the kitchen to heat up the cup of milk that was being demanded in the other room.

As I entered The Boss' domain, he began jumping up and down in his bed.

"How can he possibly know what today is?" I thought as I began tugging his jammies off in order to freshen his diaper.

I got him clothed, and before I could get his socks and shoes, he was running into our bedroom full throttle. At least he would have better success getting My Love up then I could.

We bundled up and tromped out into the glorious new morning.

I LOVE mornings. I think they are the best part of the day, and far too many people miss them. There is something about a fresh new beginning that draws me to it.

But I digress.

We tromped out into the dew sopped grass and The Boss began running circles around us. I placed the eggs we had dyed the night before in plain sight, and urged my son to pick them up.

It was a little too much like cleaning up his room, so he quickly lost all interest in the game.

We, the parents, gathered up the remainder of the eggs, and rushed The Boss inside to find his basket. Again, not much enthusiasm on his part. I think it was more for us than him.

We got him fed, and down for his nap a whole hour earlier than normal! It was a great treat for us.

Church was wonderful.

After church we went to Grandma's annual Easter Egg Hunt Feast.

It was delicious. All of Grandma's food is delicious.

The Boss found her candy dish. For some reason she decided to put it down at his level.

He disappeared from my view for the next hour, and was discovered with a mouth and face full of chocolate. It was his own little heaven.

We went home, and this is where the adventures really begin.

The little man was very tired. We know he was. So, at his normal bedtime, we put him to bed. He refused to go.

When I hear a sentence like that, I generally think "who is the parent in this situation? Really, you are in charge of your kid, not your kid in charge of you..." I eat my words.

He lay on his floor for about an hour kicking and screaming. No exaggeration there, he was literally kicking, screaming and beating his adorable chubby fists into the ground, while changing 21 different shades of red. It was really hard for me not to laugh and get my camera. A. Dor. A. Ble!

We eventually decided to ignore him, and sat and chatted in soft voices until he gave up, and came over and plopped himself onto my lap. We then told him the story of Easter, sang him his song, squoze him extra tight, fought the urge to just gobble him up, and gently placed him in his crib.

Whew! What a busy day for him!

The moral of this story is;
don't feed small children excess amounts of sugar. Especially if they rarely get sugar in the first place. Bad things happen if you do.


* { Shannon } * said…
It sounds like your full day of Easter fesitivities tuckered your little man out!
I will stock the lesson away in a corner of my mind where it will become useful in a year or two.
Mare said…
Or as an alternative - you could give him sugar regularly. I think he'd like that one!

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