Who, Me? Obsessive?

The Boss got new bedding, and can I just say, THRILLED doesn't even come close to his emotions on the topic. He has begun to sleep with his toy cars. I think we are bordering on obsession here, and the supportive mother I am, I continue to encourage his obsession.


So I've already decided that when I have a baby, their room (boy or girl) will be a pirate ship theme. It is going to be awesome!
Em said…
ohhhhhh i covet!!!!! i made the bumpers and the quilt on brennan bed, you being the nesting woman i was...alas, i see all of the well professionally made bedding at babies r us now and i think, "why did i do that? sean, can i buy brennan new bedding?" to which he answers, "for the next one." dang, i hate waiting! so cute. so cute.
Amy said…
That sounds so cute! I can't wait for you to have a baby so I can see it!

What? You made the bumpers and quilt? I am so jealous! I wish I could sew. Luckily, I have a babysitting job once a week which my hubby says is "MY" money, so he let me buy the new bedding with that money. My poor son didn't have anything cute in his room until he was about a year, simply because my husband didn't think it was necessary. But we finally won! Now he has a very cute car filled room.
* { Shannon } * said…
That is such cute bedding! Thomas LOVES cars too :) Boys are so much fun!
Amy said…
Thanks, we really like the bedding too. Right now The Boss is happily driving off to dream land. It makes me laugh at how much of a boy he really is. You are right, boys are so much fun!
Momisodes said…
Very cute. I just love the quilt and bumper!
lorie said…
ok, whats your gmail? my yahoo messenger is not sending you my messages
BlueCastle said…
Oh that bedding is adorable! I think it's so cute that he sleeps with his cars. :)

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